Latihan Ujian Nasional?? Perlu banget tuh. Apalagi sebentar lagi akan diadakannya Ujian Nasional. Mesti banyak-banyak latihan dan belajaran tuh sobat. Setujukan jika Zona Siswa pada kesempatan kali ini akan menampilkan beberapa soal latihan ujian nasional bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMP.

Di bawah ini terdapat 25 soal bahasa Inggris yang diambil dari ujian nasional bahasa Inggris SMP tahun 2012 kemarin. Soal tersebut sengaja kami hadirkan di sini sebagai gambaran bagiaman soal-soal yang akan dihadapi kelak.

Tidak hanya menampikan soal-soal ujian nasional bahasa Inggris SMP saja, sobat juga akan diajak untuk menjawab satu per satu soal tersebut yang nantinya akan diperlihatkan nilai dari jawaban sobat tesebut. Untuk bisa melihat hasil nilai dari jawaban sobat tersebut, sobat diminta untuk menjawab semua soal yang ada. Semoga dari 25 soal latihan ujian nasional bahasa Inggris SMP ini bisa bermanfaat. Langsung saja jawab soal-soal berikut di bawah ini. Check this out!!!

Latihan UN SMP Bahasa Inggris 1

Latihan UN SMP Bahasa Inggris 1

1. What does Sandra Inform Ayu? She…
    A. says that Ayu is not in her team.
    B. tells Ayu about the biology project.
    C. says Ayu will miss the biology class.
    D. asks Ayu to do the preparation by herself.
2. Form the text we know that …
    A. Ayu is not sick.
    B. Sandra is Ayu's classmate.
    C. they will have a biology examination.
    D. Sandra is getting better next term.
3. Why Anderson bought a bigger house?
    A. He wanted to invite all his friends.
    B. He wants to feel more relax.
    C. He always wanted to have a bigger house.
    D. He dreamt to invite his friend to a party.
4. "I hope you will feel more comfortable to stay in it." The Underlined word can be replaced with …
    A. think
    B. say
    C. wish
    D. spend
5. Who will host The New Year's Eve Party?
    A. Jimmy.
    B. Fletcher's family.
    C. Sandy and Bill Fletcher.
    D. Sandy, Bill, and their friends
6. From the text above, we can conclude that …
    A. Jimmy will not celebrate the new year party.
    B. Sandy and Bill will invite you to their house.
    C. The party will be celebrated on the street.
    D. You should call Jimmy if you want to come.
7. Where do we usually find the text?
    A. At the lake.
    B. At the beach.
    C. At the river bank.
    D. At the swimming pool.
8. The committee hold a beach party because ....
    A. they will celebrate zoofari day
    B. they will welcome the visitors
    C. they want to collect fund
    D. they want to have fun
9. "… are available at zoo ticket booth." The underlined word means....
    A. kept
    B. bought
    C. sold
    D. seen
10. The announcement tells us about ....
    A. the Zoofari funraiser program
    B. the facilities on the beach
    C. the beach party visitors
    D. the price of the tickets
11. What's the benefit of consuming NatraBurst?
    A. Increase appetite
    B. Decrease energy
    C. Promote fat loss
    D. Promote healthy hair
12. The purpose of the writer writes the text is ....
    A. to warn the reader the danger of the product
    B. to describe the composition of the product
    C. to persuade people to consume the product
    D. to tell the reader how to use the product
13. Who bought the camera?
    A. Paula.
    B. Nadia.
    C. the writer's uncle.
    D. Paula's uncle.
14. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
    A. The wirter has a new hobby.
    B. Nadia always takes pictures everywhere.
    C. The writer joins some competitions.
    D. Nadia needs some comment from Paula.
15. The text generally talks about ....
    A. the writer's new hobby
    B. Paula's new hobby
    C. a pocket camera
    D. Nadia's camera
16. In what condition you don't need professional care?
    A. When the wound takes longer time to heal
    B. When only top layer of skin is affected
    C. When infection occurs in the wound
    D. When you have already put ice pack on the wound
17. From the text above, we can conclude that ....
    A. the burn wound is cooled with fresh water
    B. the wound is covered tightly with a bandage
    C. the burn woud is simple to treat
    D. the burn victim should be hospitalized
18. "If it doesn't, you will need to see a physician" The underlined word refers to ....
    A. the wound
    B. the bandage
    C. the physician
    D. the pain reliever
19. Where is Pak Suharto's workshop located?
    A. Behind the tample
    B. Not far from the tample
    C. At the center of pecinan
    D. Next to the Chinatown gate
20. The night market is called Semawis because ....
    A. people can find various of things there
    B. it is located the Chinatown
    C. people visit it regularly
    D. it is near the tample
21. "… to Feng Shui consultation ...." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word means ....
    A. a talk with the chief of the group
    B. a discussion over somethng for at least one day
    C. a meeting with an expert in a particular field to get advice
    D. a secret meeting conducted by a group of people to set a plan
22. "… believe that they were built by …" (paragraph 2) The underlined word refers to ....
    A. unanswered questions
    B. natural resources
    C. the huge statues
    D. the ancient buliders
23. The maind idea of the last paragraph is ....
    A. the archeologist's opinion about the statues
    B. the reasons for making the statues
    C. the tribal leaders' statues
    D. the disease and war
24. The next generally talks about ....
    A. the location of Easter Island
    B. Easter Islan with its statues
    C. the journey of a Norwegian explorer
    D. the statues represent tribal leaders
25. What did the writer see in the street?
    A. voucher.
    B. A friend.
    C. Telephone.
    D. Market.

Semoga dari artikel tersebut di atas tentang Latihan UN SMP Bahasa Inggris 1 bisa bermanfaat bagi sobat semua. Dan apabila ada dari sobat yang menemukan kesalahan baik berupa penulisan maupun jawaban, mohon kiranya kritik dan saran untuk kemajuan bersama. Terima kasih ^^